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Couponing is an easy and consistent way to help you save money on groceries. Because coupons require organization and planning ahead, setting aside time to coupon once a week before you go grocery shopping is important. Doing so will ensure that your budget for food goes a long way. Couponing will also help you become aware of other ways to save on groceries. Learning how to coupon can help you in numerous ways. For tips on where to find coupons, what to be aware of when couponing, the best methods for organizing coupons and the benefits of couponing, read the paragraphs below.

Where to Find Coupons

Find free coupons online at numerous websites, in the sales section of any newspaper, in grocery stores and via social media. If you are feeling ambitious, write a letter to your favorite manufacturers telling them you love their products for the chance to have high-value coupons and free samples of items you would normally have to purchase delivered to your doorstep. Always lookout for coupons for the products you buy regularly. Gather as many coupons as you can. Getting multiple copies of the same coupon will maximize the deals you get. Extreme savers will even buy multiple copies of the newspaper just for the coupons.

Be Aware

Always be aware of the expiration dates of your coupons as well as which items you have coupons for. Some coupons expire quickly, while others can only be used at specific stores. Research online to get an idea of what items you can get with specific coupons and where these coupons are accepted. Having awareness of exactly where and when to use your coupons will
guarantee that you get the best deals on your groceries.

In order to save the most, it is crucial to pay attention to the sales offered at your local grocery stores as well as to the in-store sources of coupons. Furthermore, it is usually worthwhile to save your coupons to use during sales instead of right away, especially if they have lengthy expiration dates. Doing so will allow you to get additional discounts on items you buy on a regular basis. If you decide to use your coupons right away, you will still save money on groceries, however, you are forgoing the opportunity to save the maximum amount of money possible on your groceries. By contrast, if you are patient and allow yourself to accumulate multiple coupons over time, you might have enough to get a sale item for free! For example, perhaps the grocery-store you frequent is having a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) free deal on a peanut butter brand you like. Two containers of peanut butter cost $4.39 with the deal. Now imagine that you have several dollar-off coupons for this same peanut butter brand. Using these coupons in conjunction with the sale could get you two free peanut butters!
If you have several dollar-off coupons, you could stretch your savings even further and buy the peanut butter in bulk to save on future grocery trips.

It is also beneficial to learn about the coupon policies at your most frequented grocery stores. Some grocery stores allow you to use unlimited amounts of coupons on sale items while others do not.

It is common for coupon users to buy items in bulk in order to get the best deals. Investing in a deep freezer to prevent your groceries from spoiling, and extra storage space in your kitchen will help you to organize your bulky groceries while minimizing waste.

More still, knowing when coupons can help you and when they can hurt you is important when couponing. For instance, just because you have several coupons for cookies does not mean you should buy several boxes of cookies. It is easy to get carried away buying unhealthy foods when you are saving so much. Buying several boxes of cookies may save you money now, but if
you continue purchasing excessive amounts of cookies it will cost you in medical bills later on. Remember to always shop wisely when using coupons.

Organizing Coupons

After you have gathered your coupons, decide how you are going to organize them. Coupons should be organized alphabetically by product and numerically by expiration date. One recommended method for organizing your coupons is to put them in a binder with plastic pocket pages. This method requires you to sit down and clip your coupons before using them at the store. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a binder.

Advantages of a Coupon Binder:

  • You can bring the binder into the store with you to make on-the-spot decisions on purchases
  • You can keep a list of your grocery store’s coupon policies inside the binder

Disadvantages of a Coupon Binder:

  • Filing coupons alphabetically and numerically is time consuming
  • Expiring coupons can be hard to find in a binder

Another recommended method for organizing your coupons is paper clipping all of the inserts you have together. This method allows you to keep your coupon sheets whole. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method as well.

Advantages of Paper Clipping Whole Inserts:

  • It does not require clipping the coupons in advance, so it saves time
  • You do not need to bring all of your coupons to the store, just the ones you think you might use

Disadvantages of Paper Clipping Whole Inserts:

  • It is more difficult to make quick decisions at the grocery store
  • Your coupons might come from other sources besides inserts, which could make finding specific coupons in the pile more difficult
Benefits of Couponing

Aside from saving you money on groceries, couponing teaches you patience, resourcefulness and diligence. It also encourages
you to be open-minded in trying new products, as it takes away feelings of guilt for wasting money on an item you may not
like. Furthermore, knowing that you are saving money is extremely satisfying. Many shoppers even consider couponing a fun

Couponing has always been monetarily worth it, however, in the past when coupons could only be found on paper, couponing
may not have always been worth your time. Yet because of the internet and social media, couponing today can be done in a
timely manner. Additionally, coupons are accessible to anyone, making them the simplest way to save money immediately. Lastly,
unlike most items, couponed items do not need to be purchased at regular price for the coupon to be applied. Their flexibility,
accessibility, and simplicity makes couponing the most popular method for saving money on groceries.